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Demands on the left hand are progressive, one finger at a time and the right hand uses easily prescribed rhythmic formulae.

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Suitable for 5 to 6 year olds on. As an alternative to the mainly German songs in this book we offer the international version ref. Following the same principles as its equivalent ECH it draws on known international songs and is more suitable for slightly older children. This 2nd book of the series is for ensembles of guitars and can be started before book 1 is completely finished. New and best-selling Tutor from Juan Antonio Muro.

This method is a viable and motivating alternative to the traditional methods. Attractively illustrated with CD. Highly recommended for all beginners, whether young or old! Probably the first non-European guitar method. Ever since they were published, these studies, influenced by Aguado but with an added Latin flavour, have always retained their popularity with pupils and teachers alike. An ideal and natural way of learning the basic skills of the classical guitar.

Editor: Macmeeken, Michael This is the only publication to reconcile the early sources of these Etudes with present day playing techniques. Several earlier editions from the 19th and 20th centuries were consulted for its preparation. Highly recommended and selected by the Examination Board of the Royal Schools of Music London as it will meet the needs of all at whatever level. Microestudios Vol. I Nos. Highly recommended. II Nos. III Nos. IV Nos. Editor: Wynberg, Simon New facsimile edition from the 2nd Richault edition of c.

This is certainly the version that Coste wished to perpetuate. This new facsimile edition reproduced from that source edition contains a commentary and is excellent value.

Although not the recommended edition of these studies for the current AB exams, this version would be eminently suited for the purpose being the source edition. Well worth exploring! Editor: Almeida, Laurindo These studies are a tour de force Brazilian style and would enrich any concert programme.

The Arpeggio Etude, after the introduction, uses most constantly, the same 6 string arpeggio throughout. Editor: Stenstadvold, Erik A set of very interesting studies by Schulz who travelled extensively and was one of the most popular concert guitarists of his age. A quality product with a thread-sewn binding designed for years of use.

Full commentaries and historical notes are provided with several illustrations. Cannot be too highly recommended. Comes with a critical commentary and full historical notes. An effective and masterly book on the practice and analysis of works by leading Uruguayan guitarist Eduardo Fernandez with many examples. We cannot recommend this book too highly. Contains supplementary exercises and explanations. Full score and complete facsimile of the Chaconne with explanations and supplementary technical exercises. Much original thought and experience from one of the most brilliant guitarists of our time.

These pieces are simple and extremely attractive. Learning new notes and basic techniques go hand in hand. This book can be used as a repertoire book or as a method. This publication has enjoyed many years of popularity and offers an alternative to the traditional classical methods. In the continuation to Volume 1 the pieces are now more complicated and more basic classical guitar techniques are introduced.

The CD for Volume 1 covers this volume as well. A steady seller throughout the years which is highly recommended. Hunt: Autumn Mist. Soewandi: Landscape, Sea Picture. Iznaola: Miniatures Nos. Music by Wright, Lindsey-Clark, Ivanovic etc. All the Rondos are included as well as the Fandango. Douze Valses op. Trois Rondo Brillants op. Gran Solo de Sor op. Our edition is the first publication - now in its 2nd. Editor: Despalj,Valter Encouraged by his friend John Williams, master cellist Valter Despalj has now included this guitar transcription in his growing series of Bach transcriptions for the guitar.

Milonga Suite No. A later work by the great Uruguayan Maestro Abel Carlevaro. For players of moderate ability. Editor: Danner, Peter Delightful Divertimentos, some quite Spanish in character and all suitable for players of more moderate ability. Nana para una Negrita, El Cumbancherito. Editor: Wynberg, Simon Important repertoire collection in reprints of the original editions, many of which were published by the composer and very accurately produced. Influenced by Sor, he advanced the harmonic language of the guitar.

His output is interesting, varied and consistently good. La Cachucha op. Short Pieces. For an insight into Coste at his prime we highly recommend this book. La Ronde de Mai op. Written in an original and contemporary style and develops juxtaposing antique forms and modern harmonies. The Style is according to necessity sometimes melodic, sometimes oriental, sometimes expressionist. Its moods switch between melodic, meditative, dance like and virtuosic.

It is dedicated to Master teacher Prof. Zhen Chi and has found a place in the repertoire of many Chinese guitarists. Dubez, a pupil of Mertz, was a court musician who along with the guitar also played the Zither and Harp.

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He was a chamber virtuoso who also played the Melophone. Atilio Rapat was a legendary Uruguayan guitarist. Contains 2 works for 2 guitars. Ms of Beethoven, L. Very attractive, rewarding and well worth looking at closely. The Sonata for guitar solo was conceived in and premiered in by the author.

It has been revised several times, the final version was finished in and dedicated to the great guitarist Zoran Dukic. It follows the outline of Classical Sonata Form but is heavily influenced by the rhythmical, melodic and harmonic language of jazz and traditional Balkan music. This Sonata is an important contribution to the repertoire of the 20th Century. Alvaro Pierri has recorded it, and it belongs to the ranks of the relatively few important Sonatas of the 20th century.

Tales of Greiffenberg Tales of Greiffenberg is a musical description of the local nature, weather and experiences in the area surrounding the village of Greiffenberg in northeast Germany. There are many lakes and forests. Five new charming pieces for the middle grade from guitarist Irina Kircher inspired by, but not based on, the Musical of the same name. Recently his works have aroused interest, some are now being played in concerts and recording projects are planned.

His music is well worth exploring and shows a strong influence of late German Romanticism. Our Urtext edition is recognised as the standard text for this repertoire. A beautiful work by the profilic French composer guitarist Francis Kleynjans dedicated to the memory of Luigi Legnani.


Miguel Llobet, was indisputably the greatest guitarist of the first half of the 20th century. Volume 1 contains the Catalan Folk songs magnificently harmonised by Miguel Llobet, for which he is maybe best known. Ample biographical information with copious notes and much unpublished archive material complete this volume which is a milestone in guitar history and Catalonian cultural life. This volume contains original compositions, studies and adaptations of Argentine music. All works have been prepared from primary sources and much previously unpublished material is included.

Original Compositions: Romanza en do menor 1st version , Romanza en do menor 2nd version ? Music from Argentina: Llobet: Triste aire argentino Quijano: Estilo popular Argentino no.

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Editor: Grondona, Stefano A totally new version of this magnificent original work by Llobet. The theme is La Folia and is not by Sor. An offprint from vol. Valverde, J. He enjoyed a high reputation. Manjon: La Mariposa, Mazurka op. Genre: World. Label: Infinita Records. AJA Sample rate s : Artist: AJA. Genre: Electronic. Label: Opal Tapes. Artist: Janis Steprans. Genre: Jazz , Contemporary Jazz. Label: Effendi Records. Artist: John Trudell.

Genre: Rock. Label: Rhino. Artist: NOi.

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Akapelleando Remasterizado Sample rate s : Artist: Vocal Sampling. Genre: Latin , Pop. Label: Legacy Recordings. Artist: Tatiana Chulochnikova. Genre: Classical. Label: Toccata Classics.

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Artist: Geinoh Yamashirogumi. Label: Milan Records. Akroasis Sample rate s : Artist: Obscura. Genre: Rock , Metal. Label: Relapse Records. Akron, Ohio Sample rate s : Artist: Sad Planets. Label: Tee Pee Records. Label: Aurora. Artist: Aksiom. Fischer , Maria Holst. K 82 min. Director: E. Emo Stars: Max Hansen , S. Sakall , Lien Deyers , Paul Heidemann. A concert pianist, the romantic idol of many women, is seduced away from his wife. The seductress's husband takes in the pianist's wife, and all four pretend to be happy with the new arrangement. Votes: 6. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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